UT South East Asia Creators

UT South East Asia Creators project 2015
The sales launch dates:
Thailand : July 28th, 2015
©2015. PRACTICAL Design Studio Co., Ltd.

(I am a Thai Graphic Designer)
We initiated and organised the project collaborated with Thai Graphic Designer Association (ThaiGa)
“I am a Thai graphic designer” which presented 1,146 works from Thai graphic designers. This design is the key visual of the project.

UT ChoChang White  UT ChoChang Blue
The idea of this design is designing tee for man and lady with Thai Alphabets.
In Thailand, we perceive “ช” represented as man and “ญ” as lady.
We design Thai typeface “ช” for man’s tee and “ญ”*** for lady’s tee also. (“ญ. not available in this collection)

UT SomewhereThai Grey  UT SomewhereThai Cream
Somewhere Thai
This design was key visual of the graphic design forum “Somewhere Thai”
that included 50 speakers to represent “Thainess” in design work.
We initiated and organised this project in 2011.

UT Relation Black  UT Relation Green
Design Is Relation
We developed this design from our installation work that participated with “Paper Matter” Exhibition in 2010.
This work also developed to be art book that got Best Design SEA, Conqueror Print & Design Awards 2010/11.